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Deleting some twitter profiles. I have far too many. Follow my other accounts below. - Photography - Tech, pc repair - Personal - Earth Naturists - Iowa Club

May abandon not sure...

Not that anybody here gives a fuck but going to work to cut out of my life.

I bought my first smart watch today. I ended up ordering the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 to pair with my Samsung S20 5G Ultra.

I've opened up so others can join me on this instance now if you like.

I'm back online and still sharing about my life as a publically. I had eased off a bit in hopes in my gf would join me at a nudist resort but she still won't so whatever.

Looks like I might finally be on 3.1.5 thanks to the brilliant advice by @Gargron


Tried to upgrade from 3.1.2 to 3.1.5 but 3.1.5 is buggy as hell. Makes me start to rethink if I want to use mastodon anymore. @Support @Gargron

I'm tired of posts about: wearing a mask, anti-trump, anti-2A, BLM, etc.

Mfs, of course BLM, hell all lives matter. Grow the fuck up before I block every one of ya.

Going to wind down my social media accounts. I have far too many to keep up on and too little time.

Just switched over to my replacement Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G. I busted my other one after the first drop. These are super fragile.

Went camping from last Friday to today. We just got home. Been a long weekend.

is laggy piece of shit. It constantly freezes up or locks up my computer. I wish would fix their buggy program.

I bought my son a new Samsung S20 for his birthday earlier in June and it's taken him less than 3 weeks to shatter it. Meanwhile my Samsung S20 Ultra is still in perfect condition.

Last night my gf asked me how long I've been freeballing & honestly, I don't even know. Probably since I stopped going to work due to . 😂

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