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Fans have asked me how I get this clean shave in my groin area. Well today I answered with a video at

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Everybody Was #KungFlu fighting
Your mind becomes fast as lightning
Although the future is a little bit frightening
(Little bit frightening)
It's the book of your life that you're writing
(Life that you're writing)

#whiskey #women #woman #humor #snark #hyperiousX

This photo was shot at Tulip Time in #PellaIA in 2011. I'm sad that they canceled that event for 2020 due to #Covid19.

Please Retweet & share this beautiful image.
#tulip #flowers #nature #beautiful #purple #Iowa

CDC says all americans should wear face masks in public. What do you think about this? Will you start wearing a face mask in public?

Been playing Minecraft on a server. Pretty fun and let's me escape from my real life where people bitch if I want to relax nude. 🙄

On March 17th I decided to join BEAR LEE EXPOSED project. I submitted this photo of myself to be drawn for the project & included the final drawing here as well. #bodyposi #loveyourself #nudist #bodydiversity #normalpeople

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The Belgian government may have destroyed millions of respiratory masks in order to make room for incoming refugees..

3 hours later and I finally regained access to the dvr. Doesn't work on my phone app now but at least I can login to the dvr now to manage it.

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Guess I'll pack this piece of shit back up and contact sales at to get a refund. Knew I should of bought a higher end brand. 🙄

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2 reps later and nobody at can help me setup my pos device. It insists on logging into Night Owl Protect which I can login on the web no problem but the dvr never accepts my password.

If I do forgot password it asks me to go to the web where I can login!

Save 50% on your subscription to my onlyfans! Offer expirs on April 1st.

I want to go to the range but can't because ammo is hard to come by with the scare.

While the rest of the world is shutting down during the the company I work for is hiring new people. Crazy.

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