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Picked up a new fence post today. Will be installing that whenever it decides to quit raining. Been raining all day and now my garage is flooded.

Replaced one of the two snapped off poles yesterday. Need to dig out the 2nd one and replace it within the next day or two.

Goal is to get fence back up for now. Will save $ to replace the whole thing eventually.

security camera systems are the worst! I'm locked out of my DVR again and their support team is clueless. I just want to return it but can't reach sales to return this piece of shit.

Rdy to leave to go pick up a friend. I feel like I forgot something but can't lay a finger on it.. oh well.

I bought this brand new rider mower. Decided not to fix the John Deere.

My old John Deere L100 likely has a bad crankshaft. Likely not worth fixing.

Debating on buying a new engine for it for $500 or buying a zero turn instead.

Been considering ditching my instance but I can't find a single instance hosted by somebody else that I actually like.

Everybody has far too many rules, or block servers that I want to follow or who follow me.

Ears ringing &having a hard time hearing. Problem is I don't know why this is even happening

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