Attention #Mastodon sysadmins! A new release with some security fixes will drop on Thursday, prepare to upgrade -- we'll release 2.9.x, 3.0.x, and 3.1.x versions to make sure you have the easiest time upgrading for this.

@Mastodon Yet I still can't upgrade from 3.0.1 without errors.

Do you have a proper guide on how to upgrade because your current guide sucks.

@Mastodon yes it's horrible. I follow that and get nothing but 500 errors after doing it.

@matt People often miss this sentence: "The release page contains a changelog, and below it, upgrade instructions"

You need to follow the instructions on the particular release's page. Have you done that? Or have you only executed assets:precompile which is the example given below?

@Mastodon I've tried to locate it. I guess it's not clear enough to me where to gather that.

@matt @Mastodon do you have some log entries to check what went wrong and what was the cause of the 500 errors?
You were some trouble with login in your instance apparently before as well:

It is best to provide output from logs for troubleshooting..

@saper @matt Based on what was said I think this is simply a matter of database migrations not having been run.

@Mastodon @saper I was getting an error before getting to database migration and didn't know what to do

@Mastodon @saper I'll attempt to upgrade again soon and let you know what comes of it.


@Mastodon @saper @Gargron I finally got my instance upgraded however I'm missing all the new features such as announcements, and bookmarks.


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