Sort of miss all the crazy love I got on birdsite when I posted a nude selfie. Get almost no responses for anything I toot on .


I know what you mean. I just opened a new twitter account myself.

The big down side is that a lot of naturist accounts are blocked or being blocked.

So, for now I will keep both accounts. And hopefully naturism is becoming The norm here, like all the gender thing that is totally accepted.


@marcovdheide Who knows. I gave up posting nudes on twitter but at least people there seem to respond or talk more than mastodon.


It’s not that they don’t have time. A lot of people are forced to stay at home doing nothing.

I have to work harder than ever in my IT job, but it is from home. Now hoping the weather stays nice.

And you, how are you and your family coping this?

@matt Twitter is a garbage dump. Mastodon is still in its infancy but it has way more potential. Give it time.

@zylaxis maybe you're right. Just seems like fewer people talk here or they are easily offended

@matt I haven't been on here that long, but it seems like replying to specific posts on the "Federated" timeline generates the most responses.

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