Ears ringing &having a hard time hearing. Problem is I don't know why this is even happening

@matt blood pressure unregularities could cause such -you should see a specialist Dok for ears -

@matt sudden sensorineural hearing loss- is dangerous -so dont vvait and see a dok to clear this - if the dok do not find anything it also can be a sensitivity for frequencies -try to go for a place vvhere is no grid and vvait if it vvill vanish -then you knovv more and vvhat to do abgain out it - a friend of mine had ear noises also vvhich vvhere caused by dirt -dok just blevv it out and it vvas ok aigan -all the best for your betterment

@spinny it's been fine today. I'm not sure what the deal was

@matt finet if it stays avvay there is not to vvorry -only if it returns ! lets hope it vvont-all the best

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