Finally got a shower taken & got dressed which I did on my own. Very tiring process.

I may be a goddamn cripple these days but I'm still doing what I can.

Made this shirt for Benson's party tomorrow. I'll let my gf straighten up the words & shark and iron it all on.

Bought some new jeans to fit my fat ass. Need to lose weight yet. Now at Burger shed to get our eat on.

One of my projects this year was to get my shop bathroom whooped into shape. It's coming along but not finished yet.

Mom brought over my uncle's ham radio for me. Going to set it up so I can listen until I get my license and get a better setup going. Gonna go out in my shop area.

I don't share every photo I have ever taken online. Take this photo I took last month after I made these fishing pole holders for my wall.

If you haven't please subscribe to

body shaming other people.

Throughout my life I've been taught to be ashamed of my nude body yet today I publish my own nudes cuz I'm not ashamed. Plz Boost!

I guess Natel must be having issues in . All the pcs in my house claim I have no internet and some sites work but others don't.

Seems people are really digging my even though it's not as good as many people who I have seen with beards.

Doing a little plumbing in my shop bathroom. Next I get to install a sink and drain.

@Gargron Any idea why I'm getting this error while trying to purge my cache?

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