Yeah cuz a mask will help me at a chiropractors office. 🙄

Microsoft isn't working today. I can't login at all. Worthless service.

Replaced perc card today. Server is back up and running now. This is old card.

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This will be my 4th time resetting this junk nightowl product that keeps losing its mind. Going to buy a different security system from a better vendor.

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Slept in a camper last night. The bed was less than ideal. Back killing me this morning. Home now & rdy to clock into work.

So proud of my oldest son today. He's done what some kids never do and that's graduate High School. I hope he finds his path in life and we will support him in whatever path that may be.

I'm a at heart and often share photos of myself partaking in the nudist lifestyle. If that offends you simply do not look or follow me. Certainly don't pester my family about it. They don't care to hear from you. Plz boost!

The real me, no Photoshop, no editing, yeah I'm getting fat. I bought my Samsung Active 2 watch so I can try to get in better shape and monitor it.

Working to reflash the raid controller on this broken server. I hope I can get it figured out.

Got my Samsung Active 2 smart watch yesterday. Still getting everything setup but it's pretty cool.

Clothes don't define the man. I'm the same dude clothed or . I'm not ashamed of who I am. Please boost if you agree.

Not that anybody here gives a fuck but going to work to cut out of my life.

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