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**Doctor who warned about coronavirus dies**

"The 34-year-old doctor who warned about the coronavirus outbreak in December has died due to the infection."

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happy #MastoMonday everyone! nows a great time to pick someone to invite to the fediverse, if you haven’t already :3

I got my Amazon jailbroken but still trying to decide what apps to put on it to achieve what I want to do with it.

If I happen to follow you it's just because I'm likely interested in something you have tooted about.

Besides, I want to get my "Federated" tab better populated with new servers to discover.

It's crazy how fast some servers federated timeline scrolls through. Both my mastodon instances don't have much going on in the Federated tab.

I'm so tired. I want to go to bed but I need to take recycling so my truck is empty for work tomorrow.

While is a single user instance I will extend an invite to close friends to join me on this instance.

I'm not blocking other instances here while other instances normally block all sorts of instances.

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T3DUS.ME was created as a place for Matt to toot about his life and all it's little adventures. Close friends & family are welcome to join me on this instance as well. Just ask for an invite.

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