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503 errors now. Have I mentioned that Sharepoint really is the worse cloud service to use to date?

Decided to join BEAR LEE EXPOSED project. I submitted this photo of myself to be drawn for the project. Excited to see the finished drawing! #bodyposi #loveyourself #nudist #bodydiversity #normalpeople #photography

I really hate SharePoint as I can never find any docs I want on that platform. Webdav is a broken feature, and the whole thing is just slow.

I installed 25 more vpn licenses yesterday for users at work.

Breaking News!!
Stores are now running out of Tampons
Due to the increase of pussys in America.

Looking forward to next Tuesday when I can start building my new NAS server at work. Until then I might just work from home.

I went in today and like nobody was in the office but a handful of people.

@matt it's like Passover. If you put a years supply of tp on your door, coronavirus will go on to the next house.

should be interesting... My company plans to have most employees work from home minus the team.

E-mails going out soon I'm told.

I've been eating all the toilet paper I can get my hands on and washing it down with hand sanitizer and I have to be honest with you.....I feel way worse. #coronapocalypse #COVIDー19

Having to watch 3-4 ads per YouTube video really has me thinking I should ditch watching as it's super frustrating.

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