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Slept in a camper last night. The bed was less than ideal. Back killing me this morning. Home now & rdy to clock into work.

So proud of my oldest son today. He's done what some kids never do and that's graduate High School. I hope he finds his path in life and we will support him in whatever path that may be.

Today my oldest son Graduates from High School. Yes I have an 18 year old son, I feel old.

I'm so proud of this kid for coming as far as he has thus far and hope for many more great things from him in the future.

I'm a at heart and often share photos of myself partaking in the nudist lifestyle. If that offends you simply do not look or follow me. Certainly don't pester my family about it. They don't care to hear from you. Plz boost!

I wish you could schedule toots on . Seems like a huge feature that they are missing out on entirely.

The real me, no Photoshop, no editing, yeah I'm getting fat. I bought my Samsung Active 2 watch so I can try to get in better shape and monitor it.

Raid controller turns out to be bad and needs replaced. Ordered a new one.

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Working to reflash the raid controller on this broken server. I hope I can get it figured out.

So many folks ask me if I use whatsapp. The answer is fuck no. It's owned by so why the fuck would I use it?

I use Signal though so if you are on Signal let me know.

Power has been restored and servers coming back online.

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Over 5,441 customers in without power including the office where I work. Currently monitoring the situation with .

Roboticist Grant Imahara of Mythbusters Fame Dies of Aneurysm at Age 49

We awake this morning to sad news of the premature passing of Grant Imahara at the age of 49 due to a brain aneurysm. Grant was best known for his role on the wildly popular Mythbus…

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Got my Samsung Active 2 smart watch yesterday. Still getting everything setup but it's pretty cool.

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