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Check out this awesome Sketch of me . I have it framed and hanging in my office for all visitors to see.

For now, I guess I'll keep alive. I just hope I can make more friends on .

One benefit of running your own server is I get to decide who to block or not block. Right now I don't block any instances. I don't feel it's fair to judge instances as a whole like that. To me it's sort of like the whole racist war that's going on.

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Still have my server at as I haven't found a place to call home on Mastodon that I like better. Maybe someday. So many mastodon instances block too many other instances or are blocked by many instances. Just sad.

Finally got around to upgrading this instance to 3.2.0. I'm sure will come out with a new release really soon again.

I can't seem to keep up.

In this pic I'm braving a public trail in my birthday suit. To be honest, this trail is very rarely traveled by anybody.

Was considering upgrading this instance tonight but it's taking way longer than I thought to back it up.

I wish users interacted more with other mastodon users. Very rarely will anybody ever reply, like or boost my toots which is pretty frustrating.

Feels like nobody is even seeing my toots.

That moment when I wish website wasn't down. 😒 is forcing yet another completely shitty update on us. I may make a point to distance myself away from and eventually cut ties completely.

I've been less inclined to post daily on social media as it allows people to "keep tabs" on me & know exactly what I'm doing at any given time. So like my shop, I'll be making some changes.

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T3DUS.ME started as a single instance mastodon server as a place for Matt to toot about his life and all it's little adventures. However, I have decided to open it up so others can join me on my instance.

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