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I don't share every photo I have ever taken online. Take this photo I took last month after I made these fishing pole holders for my wall.

If you haven't please subscribe to

Well Snap Chat has deleted my account for violation of their "Terms" yet I didn't violate any of the terms as far as I can tell. Whatever. Fuck that service sucks anyways.

body shaming other people.

Throughout my life I've been taught to be ashamed of my nude body yet today I publish my own nudes cuz I'm not ashamed. Plz Boost!

Subscribe to my onlyfans & help me buy a new gopro. Plans are to use the gopro to make some new interesting youtube videos and videos for my fans.

Hopefully I have the cron jobs setup correctly now so I can automatically purge my cache weekly since I'm pretty much always low on space.

Considering moving the server to a VM at work or host it off an old desktop at home.

Really growing tired of service. I only have 2 bars in & service cuts out half the time while in town. Not to mention it barely works outside of where I live as well. Can't believe they haven't fixed it yet.

I guess Natel must be having issues in . All the pcs in my house claim I have no internet and some sites work but others don't.

I don't get how I'm using up 30gb of space already on my instance. Cleared my cache and still so much space being used up.

Can't seem to get a working job to clear the cache for my server to save my life.

Tire of having to manually clear this thing daily. @Gargron what do you suggest?

Today has been interesting. An employee called the off-hour cell and I missed both calls.

She then sent the execs and my boss an email complaining cuz her call wasn't answered.

Find out the issue she was calling about wasn't even anything my dept handles.

RT @studentactivism
There are already MORE THAN A HUNDRED "Fly on Mike Pence's head" Twitter accounts.

Seems people are really digging my even though it's not as good as many people who I have seen with beards.

Been a busy day especially when Microsoft 0365 went down this afternoon and nobody could use Email,SharePoint or admin console.

@Jmichaelmorris Welcome to T3DUS.ME. I hope to see your posts in the near future.

Who has YouTube TV? I've been trying it for 2 days. Works well, lots of channels.

Previously I was using Sling TV but it's buggy & force closes, or freezes up. Has very limited channels.

Doing a little plumbing in my shop bathroom. Next I get to install a sink and drain.

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