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For fun I tried but overall the site is super buggy.

-Sensitive posts are invisible to everybody.
-Site has a lot of timeout issues.
-Servers are frequently down or unavailable.
-New posts don't always show up right away without refreshing.

All these conservatives going to Parler or Gab are idiots. They're just as censorious as Twatter, just in the opposite direction. Be free, motherfuckers, join the fediverse!

Need to get in my exercises today and prepare for today.

I totally feel like I could walk again if I could just bend my goddamn more.

Having a hard time comprehending why anybody voted for who hasn't done anything for the past 47 years.

Then again when have ever made any sense. 🤷‍♂️

Lost a little weight but still have a gut. Once I can get back to walking again I may consider saving a series of photos like this to track my weight loss effectively.

Need to get back up on my feet so I can cut some weight but have to recover from my knee first & get back to being able to walk.

Guess some folk didn't know I had an knee . Long story short: Fractured my left knee 3 weeks ago, X-Ray & MRI done, Torn Ligaments, no bone fragments, physical therapy starts Friday.

Yes I can bend it some but hurts like hell.

If you haven't read on yet I start Physical Therapy on Friday. I seriously can not wait to be back walking again but I have a painful road ahead.

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Video card on my pc keeps crashing. I may have to replace the video card. This is the only thing I didn't replace when I rebuilt my new custom computer.

MRI results: Some torn ligaments, no loose floating bone fragments. I have a new knee brace and I get to start physical therapy.

Looking forward to walking again.

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Orthopedic doctor appointment today to learn the outcome of my MRI.

I see a lot of stores starting online sales before Thanksgiving.

So, no in store sales in 2020?

Women piss me off. Can never find "the one" who gives two shits about me and now I'm a damn cripple & feeling yet nobody cares.

So far, I haven't found a way to copy over my old saved data to a new profile. I might as well say screw xbox and switch to playing my .

Maybe playstation won't ban me randomly like Xbox with no explanation

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I wonder if I can copy my saved data between my banned profile and my new one :/

Home alone & chilly in here but decided to spend a little time today.

Still unable to walk but hopefully I'll have some news next Monday.

Plz subscribe to my & help me pay my hospital bills.

Instagram / #Facebook clearly have a say about your breasts and body - Heck, they employ professionals to write *policies* of what's allowed! 🤯

FB should just delete their policies, start over, and replace them with #bodypositive, #naturism friendly guidelines. #NotHoldingMyBreath

#censorship #nudity #breasts
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